Celebrate Financial Literacy Month

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April is officialliflpy Financial Literacy Awareness Month in Iowa and nationally. Too many       students still enter adulthood unprepared to make large purchases and wise decisions regarding their finances.  According to Charles Schwab’s 2011 Teens & Money Survey Findings, 75% of teens (ages 16-18) say that learning more about money management is one of their top priorities. To celebrate the importance of financial literacy, take a look at these options for fun, creative ways to implement money management skills in the classroom and at home.



  1. Get certified in financial literacy.  Iowa College Aid partners with EverFi, Inc and local financial institutions to provide the Iowa Financial Literacy Program at no cost to Iowa schools. These fun, interactive online modules cover such topics as: credit scores, banking, investing and other finance-related topics. Each module meets the financial literacy essential concepts and skills of the Iowa Core.
    Have your students complete the program to prepare them for budgeting and handling their future finances, such as paying for postsecondary education. Iowa College Aid also provides Vault, designed to teach financial literacy to students in grades 4-6. For more information, contact Iowa College Aid at 877-272-4456.
  2. Take the 30 steps to financial wellness. The experts at Money Management International have provided a list of 30 steps to achieving financial wellness. These 30 steps begin with pledging a commitment to change and cover such aspects as assessing your financial situation, cleaning up your credit report, goal-setting and more.
  3. Utilize free resources. There is a plethora of free financial webinars, worksheets and tools available online. Check out such sites as Nelnet, 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy, Mint.com and Credit Karma.
  4. Complete the 52 WEEK MONEY Challenge.   This challenge has gained a lot of attention through social media and encourages everyone to save a dollar in the first week, then increase the amount by a dollar each following week. Put your own twist on the challenge for your classroom and make it a contest.

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