Don’t Let the Second Half of Summer Go to Waste!

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As August draws near2014-04-29 13.44.04, take a look at what you’ve done with summer so far. Are you all prepared for classes in the fall? Have you learned any new skills or explored new hobbies? There are still plenty of chances to take advantage of all that free time before college begins!

Volunteer. Not only can this experience be eye-opening and personally fulfilling, you can use volunteer work as a chance to gain experience in your field of choice. Interested in studying English or teaching? Try your hand at tutoring an ESL student or read during the library’s children’s story hour. Want to go into communications or marketing? Ask a nonprofit if you can assist in running their social media accounts or designing materials. Get creative and check out online resources to find volunteer opportunities, such as Volunteer Iowa and Volunteer Match.

Learn a new skill.  Whether it is a new language, software program or instrument, summer is a great time to pick up a new talent. There may be cheap classes available through your local community college or an online organization; however there are also hundreds of free resources for learning a new skill. Utilize YouTube tutorials, blogs and online learning communities. Some places to begin that offer useful skills for your college career include:

Take a road trip with friends. Chances are most of your friends won’t be going to the same college as you. Use summer as a chance to learn how to get to each other’s future school and where each of your friends will be living. This is a great opportunity to not only build more memories before everyone moves, but to figure out the boring, yet necessary details of visiting such as where you’ll have to park.

Enjoy the rest of summer and take the time to learn something new!


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