Use Campus Visits to Pick the Right School For You!

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2014-04-29 14.16.09One of the best ways to determine if a college is the right fit for you is to visit the campus. Your college education is a long term investment, so choose wisely! By touring the campus, you’ll get a feel for college life and if you can picture yourself at that school. Try some of the following suggestions to get the most out of college visits.

Record your experiences. Take a few minutes after each visit to jot down or type out your thoughts on the campus. After awhile all your visits will start to blend together, so keep track of each visit as it happens to make your choice easier later on.

Read the student newspaper. One of the best ways to get a feel for the on-campus culture is to read the student newspaper. This will also be a chance to find out the issues current students are dealing with and what they find important.

Explore the town and nightlife. If possible, spend the night in the town and check out local attractions, shopping centers, museums, festivals – ask current students for suggestions. Every town has a certain attraction or restaurant it’s well known for so start there!

Take a self-guided tour. Take advantage of all the activities of a planned visit, however, take some time to venture around campus without the guide. Revisit spots you didn’t get enough time during the tour, venture in buildings that house majors you’re interested in and take time to see how being on campus feels for you.

Visit a professor in your intended major. Make an appointment to visit a professor in your future major, or a major that interests you, during your visit. The professor can answer many specific questions related to your plan of study, give you a department tour and possibly let you sit in on one of his or her classes.




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