Get Advice from Current Iowa College Students!

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2014-04-29 11.09.15For college freshmen, the start of the fall term marks the next step of their education and future career! Starting college can be overwhelming and confusing, so take some time to look over these words of wisdom from Iowa students. What’s the best piece of college advice you’ve received, or most important lesson you’ve learned in your own college career? Share in the comments!

“I studied abroad the fall semester of my junior year, which was easily the best decision I have made since attending college. During my time abroad I learned so much about being independent, but then also about the world outside of the U.S.A.” Rachel Phillips, Coe College

“DO YOUR HOMEWORK. In college, there are deadlines that every teacher will enforce….And last but not least, be willing to research. Put in the time on your studies and remember this formula if nothing else: each class requires two hours of study time. Some require more because of the research and creativity involved.” Daniel Joyce, Northeast Iowa Community College

“Clubs and organizations are the key to meeting new and interesting people that share your interests, and they definitely have provided me with some of the most exciting experiences that I have partaken in thus far. Take full advantage of all that your college or university has to offer. Clubs, organizations and events really allow you to discover where your heart’s true passion lies and enrich your college experience to its maximum potential, not to mention all of the amazing friends that you will meet and great leadership experience you’ll gain! I can’t stress it enough; you won’t regret taking opportunities when they arise in college!” Paige Taylor, Iowa State University

“Make time for your parents when they come to see you. You’ll have plenty of Friday and Saturday nights to hang out with friends or go to a party, but your parents spent the better half of their lives getting you to where you are today-you owe it to them to build your schedule around their visit. Besides, having your parents in town usually means free food for you.” Justin Dwyer, Drake University

“I learned that you cannot plan your life to the ‘T,’ but you have to take chances with the opportunities that are available to you.” Kelsey Fredricks, Buena Vista University


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