Explore Career Options with LinkedIn’s Field of Study Tool

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Found a college major or degree program that interests you? Concerned about what type of job you’ll be able to land with that degree, or find a job at all? LinkedIn’s newly introduced Field of Study Explorer will help you form a career plan!

This interactive tool allows you to search LinkedIn member statistics by field of study.  For instance, searching Fine/Studio Arts will produce the following results from members around the world.

Linked In Step 1


There are many large, well-know companies that employ a high number of professions with a degree in the arts such as Apple and Starbucks. The next column shows the type of work users with this degree do and thirdly, where they received their Fine/Studio Arts degree. Scroll to the right, and the explorer displays which countries these members live in and how many of your connections have this degree.

Linked In Step 2

Now I’ll click on Target and see how that changes the type of work and where members went to school.

Linked In Step 3

As you can see, this narrows down the results and adjusts type of work and schools accordingly. Now I’ll add another filter in the search bar at the top. I’m going to type in Iowa to see if it is realistic to get a Fine Arts/Studio degree and then work for Target in Iowa.

Linked In Step 4

Change Iowa to Minnesota as Target’s headquarters are in Minneapolis, and I may want to consider a move based on this career choice.

Linked In Step 5

What are you waiting for? Try out the Field Study Explorer today to help you prepare for your future career or next big step!



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