National Preparedness Month: Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare!

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National Preparedness Month

September is known as National Preparedness Month – Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare –in which the Federal
Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) encourages everyone to be aware of what their organization, workplace or school’s disaster plan is. FEMA also invites everyone to take part in America’s PrepareAthon! on September 30. In honor of this event, Iowa College Aid is providing safety tips from   Angie Jewett, Emergency Manager at Iowa State University .

“For a lot of college students this is their first time being out on their own, many have had someone looking out for the best interest,” stated Jewett.  “Now they have much more of a personal responsibility for their own safety that they need to be aware of.”

As part of this personal responsibility for safety, students need to seek out local and on-campus resources for emergency services.

“Students need to know where they can find safety resources. I encourage all students to follow local law enforcement and their school’s department of environmental health on social media to find information,” said Jewett.

College students should also pay attention to the emergency exit plans posted in each and every building and public venue they frequent.

“Regardless of what building you’re in, always know at least two different ways to exit that building. This is essential for not just your residence hall, but also classrooms, local restaurants you frequent and more. Always be aware of how to get out of building safely, or where to go inside of the building for safety, “advised Jewett.

Join in the conversation on September 30 using #NatlPrep and by following @Readygov and @PrepareAthon!


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