New Year, New FAFSA

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The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) serves as the application for all federal grants, scholarships and student loans as well as some state of Iowa financial aid and even some institutional aid. January 1 marks the first day the FAFSA can be completed for the 2015-16 academic year. And just one more thing about the FAFSA; it must be completed every year. Don’t let the FAFSA intimidate you; use the FAFSA tips below and check it off your to do list for 2015!

Never pay to file the FAFSA.  You can file the FAFSA for free at  Reputable resources, including Iowa College Aid, are available to help for free.  In addition, more than 50 College Goal Sunday events will be held throughout Iowa to provide one-on-one assistance with FAFSA filing.  Dates and locations of the events can be found on Iowa College Goal Sunday’s website.

Meet state and college deadlines.  Many states, including Iowa, have FAFSA filing deadlines for state-funded scholarships, grants and work-study opportunities.  Several state of Iowa financial aid programs have priority filing dates as early as March 1. Keep in mind most colleges and universities have their own FAFSA filing deadlines.  You should check with your college of choice to determine its priority deadline for financial aid and if additional documentation is required.

Double check information to avoid delays.  Review your FAFSA information before you submit it for processing.  Make sure your Social Security number and your parent’s Social Security number are typed in the correct spaces.  Mix-ups like these will cause processing delays.

These are just a few tips from Iowa College Aid regarding the FAFSA. Find more in Iowa College Aid’s FAFSA Filing Tips News You Can Use article.

Happy FAFSA filing!


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