Three cheers for mentors!

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January is National Mentoring Month, with events celebrating the benefits that mentoring relationships offer for both students and community volunteers. Later today, member of Volunteer Iowa and the Iowa Mentoring Partnership will visit the state capitol to advocate for mentorship programs and to receive a proclamation from Gov. Branstad recognizing January as Mentoring Month in Iowa.

The recognition is certainly worthy. The benefits of mentors and mentoring groups are a vital component in increasing student outreach and improving academic success. On a very basic level, mentors can show students the success of hard work, studying and attaining a post-secondary education. But more than that, mentors can help students increase their self-esteem, improve communication and serve as another role model in a student’s life, all things that can have positive benefits in a student’s life.

For the mentor, connecting with a student creates not only a chance to help make a positive impact in a student’s life, but the opportunity to have a positive benefit on education in their community.

So while mentors are being recognized nationally this month, we celebrate our mentors year round. Find out how you can become a mentor in your community and help be part of positive change by visiting the Iowa Mentoring Partnership’s website.

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