#NSCW15 Tips from Counselors for College Planning

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This week is National School Counselor Week, recognizing the impact that counselors have on students looking to fulfill their potential throughout their education. But rather than just sing the praises of these hard workers and our appreciation of them (Don’t worry, we are! See below), a better way to show how great counselors are is to let them do their thing: giving good advice.

So we asked school counselors in Iowa to give us tips that students looking to start their college planning will find useful. These head starts will not only help give students a quicker path down the road to college, but also make working with their counselors a little bit easier.

Our first tip comes from Tara Brokovich at Wilson Middle School, Cedar Rapids, who suggests:

“Have a cheat sheet containing pertinent information. Some things that might be on this list include: test scores, references, GPA, and extra-curricular activities. This will make it easier to have this information ready to go at a moment’s notice when applying for to schools or for financial aid and other scholarships.”

Organization is great advice for anyone. But students who might be filling multiple applications related to college will do well to keep pertinent information at their fingertips. Need a starting place for scholarships or other financial aid options? Check out our list of state grant and scholarship options. For other tips or pointers on how to start getting ready for your educational journey, take a look at our News You Can Use Student resources.

We’ll have more tips for Iowa school counselors throughout the week as part of #NSCW15. But in the meantime, here’s just a little reminder of how we feel about school counselors: We ♥ them!

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