Supercharging your college search with online college fairs

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Finding the right college for continuing your education is no easy task. The idea of “college fit” (that students will do best at a school that offers classes and an environment that meets not only their academic and financial needs, but matches their interests and personality) has become a hot topic for higher education. As students search for the college that offers that “perfect fit,” though, the amount of time or travel that it would take to visit schools either far or near become road blocks on their route to the right school.

Virtual college fairs have sprung up over recent years providing a way for students (and the schools looking for the right students) to break through those barriers. Just like their “brick and mortar” counterparts, virtual/online college fairs bring together representatives from schools, students and parents in an Internet-based event during a given period of time.

This provides a chance to for students and parents to ask the questions and receive the information that they’d receive from an onsite visit to a campus that might be hundreds, or even thousands of miles away. Frequently, schools will even have currently-enrolled students participate to answer questions and give a taste of what student life might offer.

Thanks to technological improvements and the inclusion of elements such as video conferencing, instant messaging and streaming video, virtual college fairs do more than let families visit a campus. The events let prospective students move at warp speed and visit multiple schools around the country all in the same day.

Want to experience a virtual college fair for yourself? CollegeWeek Live, an organization dedicated to using technology to brings schools and students together, will hold an “All Access Day” on February 19. Students who register will be able to visit with over 100 colleges and universities and get insight and information from admissions counselors and current students. If that weren’t enough, students who visit five college pages during the event will be entered for a chance to win a $2,500 scholarship, a chunk of change that sounds a lot better than spending money on the gas you’d need to drive to college visits.

For more information and registration, visit CollegeWeek Live’s site.


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