“Degree In Three” Program Offers Fast Track to UI Diploma

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Time is certainly money when it comes to colleges, as students look to find ways to balance the time it takes to complete their degree with the cost of continuing their education. A new program starting at the University of Iowa in 2015 might help students achieve that goal, by compressing four years of school into three.

The “Degree In Three” program will offer first-year students entering the University of Iowa in 2015 a specifically-designed program that creates heavier course load and proceeds at a much faster pace than that of four-year students. The program will initially be offered in Communication Studies, English, History, International studies, Marketing and Theatre Arts.

The program includes course checkpoints in each major that “Iowa Degree in Three” students will need to meet in order to complete the major in three years and advising support they need to work through the program and continue consideration of the pace and workload.

Interested students will need to declare their interest in the program during their first semester and those wanting to add a second major, a minor or a certificate will not be eligible. But for those students already attending the University of Iowa with specific goals, starting their first year with earned college credits, or are ready to complete more courses per term than average, the “Degree In Three” program offers a way to complete a degree on a fast track.

More information on the “Degree In Three” program can be found on the University of Iowa website.


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