Scholarship Sites Help Students Sort Options

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A vast array of scholarships stand waiting for students who are looking to cut down the cost of their college education. From state-based scholarship and grant programs to private organizations looking to fund the leaders of tomorrow, the opportunities for students can sometimes seem overwhelming, even with the help of the Internet.

Getting the word out about scholarships has become much easier thanks to the internet and social media, with many scholarships appealing to a variety of students who can apply for these awards in different and interesting ways (from social media-based applications to scholarship essays that could fit in a greeting card). To help connect students and scholarships, a variety of websites have sprung up, providing free information to students looking to find the right scholarship match. Here are few to consider in your quest for cash:

The name says it all, and this website offers a thorough database of scholarships for students ranging from general interest awards to specific-skill based awards. Facebook and Twitter-based scholarships reflect the engagement the site has with its users, frequently tweeting unique and timely information on available scholarships.

Known predominantly as an online textbook retailer, helps students take a personalized approach to the scholarship hunt. Creating a free account allows students to save interesting scholarships, apply directly through the website and have new and relevant information on scholarships e-mailed to them.

As the name implies, this organization encourages rewarding students for taking action in their community in either social or environmental issues. From taking steps to save water to helping redefine what makes a “real princess” to recycling clothes, the scholarships at ditch the writing side and focus on the doing.

Any student looking to prepare for college knows that it takes a team to prepare for that next step. aims to bring the scholarship search to that team approach, including access for high school counselors and teachers to help students in their search for the right scholarship. The site also involves college comparison and college fit tools to further help students prepare.


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