These Four Websites Will Help You Find the Perfect Internship

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Melting snow and warm weather ignites spring fever in students envisioning vacations and time off from school. The change of seasons also serve as a reminder that summer is around the corner, bringing with it a chance for students to gain valuable work experience through internships and other programs that broaden both resumes and education.

Just as the internet has made finding the right scholarship that much easier, tracking down the internship that best meets your needs and qualifications takes less work thanks to a variety of websites dedicated to matching interns and opportunities. Here are some sites that can get you started finding the perfect internship:

Sponsored by text-book seller Chegg, this site seems like a pretty basic place to start looking for internships. Rather than just sit on a convenient URL, though, provides more than just a comprehensive database of internships. Students can search for internships by geographic region and major or use the “Internship Predictor,” a questionnaire (not unlike those used to help potential employees find career paths) to help find new areas of interest which students may never have considered.

Another website with a self-explanatory name, potential interns can visit and find a database aimed at making the best match for students. Interns can search by region and type of internship, as well as target major corporations such as CBS, Facebook and Amazon. The site also offers resources as industry overviews, job seeker guides and intern blogs, to prepare interns for their experience, but also the knowledge to thrive once they get there.

Those students looking to make a difference in their world during their internship will find’s NPO-focused (Non-profit organization) database appealing. Beyond listing internship opportunities, the site highlights “Action Opportunities” and “Volunteer Opportunities” for those who are looking for a way to engage with their community in different ways in such areas of focus as education, community development, environmental issues and women’s issues.

A long-time hub for publishing and design professionals, MediaBistro offers a wide array of internship opportunities for everything from journalism and publishing to social media and advertising. The focused audience of professionals has created a community over the years that not only makes it easy for interns to get a pulse of the industry, but also find the same ongoing education and training available to professionals.


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