Everfi and ICSAC Team Up For Monthly Financial Literacy Student Blog Contest

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Iowa College Aid and Everfi have teamed up to recognize students who are making financial literacy a part of their education. The Iowa Financial Literacy Program Blog Contest rewards students who submit a blog post of 300 words or less detailing how financial literacy has impacted their life, decision making and future educational goals. Monthly winners receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Savannah Wiedow of Spirit Lake High School took the prize in February. Here is her blog post:

In the future, I wish to attend college to become a physical therapist. After having worked my fill, I wish to eventually retire. The Iowa Financial Literacy Program helped prepare me for this in many ways. I now know how to correctly save and invest my money so that I might be able to pay for my furthered education. It also has taught me the different ways I can begin saving for my retirement fund. The importance of saving early in life has revealed itself to me, and I plan on starting a retirement fund as soon as I begin my career. As well as saving, the program also helped me to understand everyday aspects of finances such as banking or even writing a check. Before this program, I wasn’t sure what I should look for when choosing a bank or even just the type of account I wish to have. Even though saving money is important, insurance is also crucial. Insurance protects you, the things you own, and other people who may be harmed by your actions. It helps to cover the costs that you may accumulate from causing harm to any of the previously listed items. Not only is it essential to have good coverage, the right insurance plan is crucial. I never knew there were so many different types of insurance before taking this course. Now, I could list the different types, and even pick which plan is best for different situations. I have learned much from this course, and I feel better prepared for life after having participated in it.

Entries for March’s contest continue now through March 31. Students can submit their blog entries at Everfi’s website.

Good luck!


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