Researching Career Data Can Help Students Plan Academically

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Spring brings a time of big decisions, both for high school students looking to decide on which college to attend (College Decision Day is May 1) and those college students who are about to enter the job market armed with a degree. One question that might be prominent in the minds of both groups of students this time of year is likely one that’s been getting louder as graduation approaches: “What do I want to do for a career?”

Options abound for finding advice on determining a career path. Many (if not all) suggest that the way to find a direction for a career include learning more about what the day-to-day duties of a job in a given career entail, what type of knowledge and skills is required and what kind of starting salary new employees can look forward to in the career.

Rather than scramble from website to website to collect data, the U.S. Department of Labor offers an interest profiler as part of My Next Move, a career search tool for those looking to find work that reflect their goals. Answering a series of questions, gives users a breakdown not only of what to expect in a given career, but also uses the latest U.S. Department of Labor statistics to give an up-to-date forecast of that career path’s future demand.

Using tools like My Next Move will help give those students leaving college an idea of what type of job market their particular degree will place them in. For high school students, the information provided can help make decisions on whether or not to pursue one major over another.


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