Changing Majors Doesn’t Have to Mean Adding Years to School

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As college students enter May, the end of the school year brings the opportunity for both reflection on work well done and the opportunity to look forward and make changes to their educational plans. For some students, becoming disillusioned with their major offers reasons to leave college altogether. But rather than give up on their degree, students can consider changing majors while in school. Students often resist changing majors thinking that the added classes will extend the road to obtaining their degree. But by planning ahead, students can adjust their educational plans without having to add years to their schooling.

Knowing when to change majors can make a huge difference for students. If a student changes majors during the first 60 credits, there will be a better chance of moving credits and course work around to other majors or programs of study. If students have already started taking major or upper level courses in a program, those credits are less likely to apply to a new major. Transfer articulation agreements can allow blocks of credits to transfer from one school and program to another. Students can check with their school to find out what transfer articulation agreements are available to their program.

Students that are further along in their major may also want to consider finishing what they’ve started before changing. Only a semester or two left? Finishing demonstrates that students will see a task to completion, as well as showing that they can overcome distractions and unforeseen challenges.

In the end, the reality of college majors often don’t correlate to what people end up doing in many jobs and careers in the long term.  While professional and technical careers in health care do require a specific major and concentration, many majors are not a direct line to a job in most circumstances. The major is just a form of specialization which demonstrates students can concentrate on studies and succeed. It does not lock them into a job for life.


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