Iowa College Decision Day: What a College Degree Means To Students and Iowa

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National College Decision Day takes place May 1, the day that most colleges have deadlines for student deposits for incoming Fall students. This national celebration of post-secondary education highlights the importance of continuing learning beyond high school and recognizes the achievements of students who have worked toward the next step in their educational career, as well as schools that have developed a college-going culture. But why is it important to encourage students to look beyond high school? Iowa College Aid created this infographic that shows both the economic need for college-educated students to continue the State of Iowa’s growth, but also the benefits that students can gain in the job market by having a college degree:


Iowa College Aid will be at schools throughout the state on May 1 to help celebrate and recognize those students who have decided to continue their education beyond high school, as well as assist students in finding out more about their financial aid options. Many schools will have representatives from colleges on-hand at events to share in highlighting their incoming students, but to also answer questions about their schools for other prospective students.

To help highlight Iowa’s students, schools and their participation in National College Decision Day, Iowa College Aid will be tweeting with the hashtags #ReachHigher and #IADecisionDay throughout College Decision Day. We encourage students and schools to do the same and help showcase the great students being created by dedicated at schools throughout the state.


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