Get Tools, Advice for Fin Lit Teaching at July’s Iowa Jump$tart Conference

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With the increase in financial literacy education’s presence in classrooms around Iowa, it’s more important than ever the educators find ways to work with students on a wide variety of financial literacy topics. Over the last 15 years, Iowa Jump$tart has helped teach and support Iowans, helping them embrace financial literacy.

The group’s annual conference, taking place July 16 in Ankeny, targets educators looking for the latest information and materials available to help them teach financial literacy, while providing a forum for teacher collaboration and discussion. Following on the success of last year’s conference which featured speakers from the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and TS Bank, just to name a few, the 2015 conference will feature an array of vital and current topics.

Creating new financial habits, and challenging negative habits, will be at the core of the keynote speech, featuring Mike Finley (aka “The Crazy Man In The Pink Wig”) , who focuses on taking the mental concepts of financial education and translating their lessons to an emotional connection. Attendees will also hear the latest about FDIC’s Money Smart Program, Wells Fargo’s Hands on Banking ® Financial Education Program, Junior Achievement Programs, TS Institutes’ K-12 financial literacy resources, college savings and more. A list of exhibitors and full schedule of panels is currently being finalized.

As a further benefit to teachers, those who attended the Iowa Financial Literacy Summit in Des Moines this past May can receive teacher credit by registering and attending the Iowa Jump$tart Conference. Teachers can also enter to win a sponsorship to the national Jump$tart conference in November while at the Iowa conference.

Find out more and register for the 2015 Iowa Jump$tart Conference by visiting IowaJump$


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