Four Apps That Turn Your Phone In A College Planning Machine

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These days, many families use their smartphones as frequently as, or in some cases more than, their home computer. From tracking their diet and fitness to paying their bills, new apps make taking care of both planning and paying much more convenient for users. Creating and keeping a savings strategy for college doesn’t have to be confined to a computer, either, thanks to apps that put the power of managing your college finances in the palm of your hand. Here are a few to check out:

College Saving Wiz
This app from PFWiz also presents forecasts for college savings, but can also factor in average costs of living at college with information based on the College Board annual survey of college pricing for tuition/fees, room/board, books/supplies, transportation and expenses for Public in-state, Public out-of-state and Private Colleges. This app delivers information in reports more often than the charts of other similar apps and also provides tips for ways to save and prepare for college now. Available for both iOS and Android.

College Savings
Whether you’re at the start of your college planning process or have already started saving, this app from Apps Rocket offers a way to visually look at the projected cost of college, factoring in different savings approaches and shows where families might come up short down the road. Available for iOS.

Presented by TIAA-CREF, this college savings calculator offers users the ability to use sliders in adjusting such factors as savings amount, timeframe for college and impact of other investments. By adjusting the input, you can estimate the amount of lump sum and regular monthly savings that is required to cover the costs of your desired college. Available for Android.

Max U
Part of a series of apps in College Save’s “Small Steps, Big Dreams” program that introduces students to the ideas of financial literacy and college prep starting at kindergarten, Max U gives high school students a fun, interactive way to compare colleges, look at education costs, keep track of their extracurricular experiences and even organize their FAFSA. Available for iOS and Android.


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