Students, Staff at Clinton High School Kick Off College Application Month In New Video

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October is College Application Month, but the students and staff at Clinton High School in Clinton, IA grabbed a head start by holding their Iowa College Application Campaign event last week. We visited during their College Application Event to talk with staff and students about what the Iowa College Application Campaign is and how it can benefit students of all ages, not just seniors.

This month, schools all around Iowa will be working with their seniors to encourage applying to either a two-year or four-year college as part of the Iowa College Application Campaign, part of a national effort to encourage and build a college-going culture in high schools. Iowa College Aid supports schools through programs like the Iowa College Application Campaign, part of Iowa College Aid’s “3-Step Process” for high school seniors preparing for college. The Iowa College Application Campaign kicks off the year, followed in January by the FAFSA Completion Initiative and College Decision Day in May.

Special thanks to Counselor Suzanne Schraeder and the River Kings and Queens at Clinton High School for allowing us to visit and feature them in this video.


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