Four Easy Ways to Prepare for College This Summer

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While summer might seem like the time to get away from school, vacation is a great time to not only build the skills that look great on a college resume, but also a perfect opportunity to take part in activities that will help students get a better idea of what kinds of careers interest them as they look toward their future.

Sure, it might be hard to put down the Xbox or skip a day at the pool, but by using their time to take advantage of these opportunities, students will have a head start on college, grow as a person by dedicating time and energy to those things that interest them and even have some fun doing it.


Test drive a career with internships
While some teens might take a summer job to help pay for gas and pocket money during their vacation, a summer internship helps students get involved in a field that may lead to a future career in a way that looks good on their college resume. Internships demonstrate commitment and passion for a field that a student could continue to study in college while also exposing them to the day-to-day reality of that career. Summer internships can strengthen a student’s determination to pursue a particular path in their future or it might save them the cost of switching majors later if their internship helps them realize a particular career isn’t all that they had imagined.

Get involved
Too often parents complain that their student won’t get off the couch during summer break. Encouraging students to get involved with causes about which they are passionate is a great antidote to couch potatoes. Even better, it helps your students as they prepare for college. Students can volunteer with community organizations in a variety of areas, often with other students their own age. Students looking to develop leadership skills can also start their own organizations if no local group is addressing the concerns they hope to tackle. Being proactive or taking leadership roles in organizations appeals to college admissions officers who look for students with demonstrated leadership experience.

Explore college courses
Sure, summer is normally the time to put away the books. But high school students looking to get a jump on college and save money on their future education can take advantage of summer sessions at local colleges. These classes offer the chance to earn college credit ahead of time and give students the chance to experience a college classroom environment so that they know what to expect. Taking courses in subjects that might be a potential major also gives students a chance to test drive a major before college to help them decide if that is the right path for them.

Turn travel into experience
Getting out of a comfort zone can often bring great benefits to students when it comes time for college applications. Travelling to new places, especially international destinations, can help provide a perspective for students who gain a broader sense of the world and the place they can take in it with the help of their education.



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