Get an Education, Get Paid! Iowa’s Hottest Jobs by Degree

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Many students choose to continue their education beyond high school in order to train for a career, often choosing their college major or training program as a means to learn more about what it takes to succeed in a given area. The age-old question of “What will you do with that degree?” haunts every student trying to find a major that follows both their personal interests, as well as provide the basis for a successful career.

A great place for those students seeking a major to start researching careers is with information from Iowa Workforce Development. Each year, IWD shares a list of the state’s “high-demand” job areas as a reflection of both employment growth and as an indicator of the fields most in need of trained or educated workers. Iowa’s unemployment rate remains well below the national average, reaching 3.9% in May, 2016.

For educated and trained Iowans, the job market offers great opportunities to work in interesting areas and reach financial goals. Many of these jobs require a four-year college degree, but a number of areas also offer those workers with two-year degrees, apprenticeships or high-school degrees a chance to join the workforce and grow as part of Iowa’s economic backbone.

We’ve compiled information about the top jobs for each degree level. The data shows something that is key to Iowa College Aid’s mission: More education can lead to more success in a career.

A larger version of this graphic is available: High Demand Jobs



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