Many ways to be a champion

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The eyes of the world are on Winter Olympians this week, which got us thinking about what truly defines a champion. A gold medal is one measure, certainly—but only one.

A champion fights for what he or she believes. What causes or values do you champion? That answer could help guide you in your choice of studies and career.

A champion works to advance the causes of other people. Who are the champions in your life? Teachers, counselors, family? Looking to your future, how do you intend to be a champion for others?

A champion perseveres, even when circumstances are tough. No one ever reached an Olympic medal podium without overcoming setbacks. Likewise, you’ll need to deal with challenges on your way to your goals. What hurdles have you overcome so far? How can you use what you learned from those experiences?

We can all learn from watching the dedicated athletes who are giving everything they have to represent countries all over the world.